Two entrepreneurs, one passion project.

Serenity Fashion is the brainchild of two African sisters based in the UK who share an affinity for business and fashion. Blessed with curves, we were faced with challenges on being trendy and stylish. However, social media edified our views on the need for diversity, positive body image and self-love. Being raised in the UK alongside many other ethnicities and cultures, Serenity Fashion was borne with the sole objective of celebrating women of all shapes and sizes.

Rather than conforming to societal demands, Serenity Fashion became the gateway for two sisters to empower women through style. Every woman is different, and in their uniqueness lays beauty. As per the words of fashion visionary Coco Chanel, “A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous”; that is exactly what this label wants to achieve. We want to give every woman a chance to be confident in her own skin.

Our brand welcomes all women, irrespective of race, religion, body-type etc. Our goal is to incorporate various styles in order to diversify your wardrobe, and we encourage you to experiment with all trends. Show ‘em what you’ve got! Here at Serenity Fashion, we aim to inspire females to love themselves and showcase their distinctive personalities through their clothing. Fashion is one’s expression of creativity that should be celebrated, and celebrate it, we shall!

It’s been a lifelong passion to bring positivity hand in hand with clothing because everyone worries about how they look. With Serenity Fashion, we want to lessen your anxiety by being able to provide for your apparel’s needs, with a sartorial twist! We hope that our clothing pieces will allow you to feel beautiful in your own skin.

Have confidence in the woman that you are, because every woman is magnificent in her own way.

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